Thursday, 29 December 2011

Coming to the end of 2011...........

.... and i am so behind on this blog its unreal ha. Firstly:

The project kicked off properly in September, 70 blank skate decks were sent out to 70 Tattoo Artists Around the UK and a few in the States :) I've seen a few "works in progress" so far and they look awesome, also heard that one of em is gona be like 5-6 feet long when finished hah. Seriously cannot wait to start getting these boards back over the next few months and seeing what people have been up to. Heres my effort so far.......

Its so close to completion, just the sabers and highlights to do really, gonna get on it in Jan, also managed to get it signed by Darth Vader himself Dave Prowse when he was in Cardiff last, cant wait to see what this makes at auction.

I did another Star Wars related deck back in Oct for a charity auction at the Halloween Bash in Newton Abbott, it went for £300 in the end, couldnt believe it :)

Had the chance to do some awesome work in the last few months as well, a few more realism pieces ande portraits n stuff, heres some of my Favourites :)

Did these 2 on my mate Parker from Bristol, its the start of a full leg piece and i am loving it at the mo, i think it has to be my favourite piece I'm working on at the moment.

Did these 2 a few months back, used my fave Suicide Girl Radeo as referance

the one below is part of an ongoing sleeve of DOTD girls, really enjoying this as well.

This is SPAAAARTA!!!!

Did this just last week, part of a big rib piece, tried a different colour scheme and uses someone other than Radeo as ref haha

Ha ha wouldn't be me with out the odd Star Wars tattoo :)

Did the one below at the Halloween Bash 2011 it won Best Small Colour :)

Got to do Hannibal, hopefully the start of a Horror Icon Sleeve, fingers crossed 

2012 is already shaping up to be a busy year...

Already pretty busy with appointments and have some exciting things lined up including a full Batman themed sleeve which i am super stoked about :)

Doin alot more shows this year so heres a list of the conventions I'm gonna be at in 2012 so far:

Conventions 2012

Brighton 28-29 Jan
Pretty much booked for this one.

Northwich Charity Art and Tattoo Expo 19 Feb
Have nothing for this one yet (all proceeds go to Charity so c'mon guys)

Tattoo Tea Party 3-4 March
Spaces available.

North Lakes Tattoo Show 14-15 April
Have one full day free.

Liverpool Tattoo Show
Have a few spaces left (only doin Star Wars related stuff)

Milton Keynes Tattoo Convention
Spaces available.

Dare Valley Ink and Iron 7-8 july
Spaces available.

Somerset Convention 12 Aug
Spaces available

Tattoo Camp 23-26 Nov
Spaces available

These are conformed shows so far, hoping to squeeze in a few more :)

If you fancy getting anything done at any of the shows email me at

Lastly I'd just like to say thanks to all of my customers old and new and that 2011 has been one hell of a year, a few downs but loads of ups. 2012 is already set to be a blinder

Happy new year for the weekend everybody!!!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

New News

Hey guys, Tattoo Revolution Magazine have done a lil Feature on me and my work, am super stoked on this so i thought I'd share it with everyone before its out in print. My Mams gonna be so proud hah. Issue 11 will be out in all Newsagents on the 13th Sept (The day after Star Wars The Complete Saga comes out on Blu Ray ha ha)

Dont forget to pick up a copy of the mag next week guys :)

Also theres some Star Boards News. Have sorted through the recycled boards and ordered the rest that i need, just waiting on them to arrive and all the boards will go out in the post, cant wait to get started on this project its gonna be epic :)

My website is undergoin a bit of a facelift at the moment as will this blog. Laying to rest Chris Fuckin Jones and gonna be good ole normal Chris Jones from now on ha. the new website address is Here
This is mainly because the Star Wars people who do the Celebration Website wont link to my site if it has a swear word in it ha so I've made it all family friendly. Also have a new logo thingy which i will be using everywhere haha. Keep an eye out....

Friday, 12 August 2011

New Stuff and Exciting News

Hey everyone, its been a while ha ha. Recently had an awesome weekend away at this years Tattoo Jam, was a good show and got the chance to do some sweet work

Also picked up a load of used skateboards from the guys at Hoodoo Ink (thanks guys) the boards are being sanded as we speak and will be out to all participating artists over the next few weeks :)

Also had a load of good news this month. Was interviewed by Alex Guest for Tattoo Revolution Magazine, the feature will be in the next issue available on the 13th of September, super stoked about that. Make sure you all get hold of a copy and get everyone there after, really is a top magazine.

Also....... if all goes to plan (fingers crossed) i may be tattooing along side Matt Difa at next years Star Wars celebration in Orlando Florida. I am crazy excited about this already and really hope it happens. heres a recent Star Wars chest piece i did for good measure :)

Monday, 27 June 2011

Star Boards Artist List

1. All Style Tattoos - Dave 'the Buddha' Ashton
2. Artful Ink ltd - Stu Dixon
3. Burning Art Tattoo Studio - Steve Mitchell
4. Bridgend Tattoo Studio - Chris Harrison & Nipper
5. Custom Inc Tattoo Studio - Billy Hay & Marcus Maguire
6. Custom Colour Tattoo Studio - Ollie Tye & Paul Talbot
7. Creative Vandals - Mat Lapping & Andy Walker
8. Design 4 Life - Hazel Nicholls, Michael Rae & Mark Plumpton
9. Dynamite Tattoos - Wayne Bewley & Nicole Trower
10. Dark Circle - Red (Michelle Bennett) & Dan Wilson
11. Empress Tattoo - Sister Sammy & Dave B
12. Electric Buddha Tattoo - Dan Stone
13.Golden Dragon Tattoo Studio - Mark Bailey
14. Hoodoo Inc Custom Tattoo - Mark Poole
15. Institute Tattoo - Phil Denby & Cat Scott
16. Inkredible Kreations - Gary Weidenhof
17. Ink Vs Steel - Scott Mustapic
18. Inkarma - Juliet Preston
19. Infinite Ink - Nick Baldwin
20. Kustom Kulture - Wendy Brown, Allan Brown, George Astrix & Dave Hall
21. Katriona MacIntosh
22. Lucky 13 Tattoo Studio - David 'Padz' Padley
23. Magnum Opus - Phil Kyle
24. Nemesis Tattoo - JJ Jackson
25. Northern Soul Tattoo - Adam Caudill
26. Nala Studio - Ellie
27. New Image Studio - Jay J
28. Octopus Tattoo - Gerry Carnelly & Ben Fluxx
29. Old Town Tattoo - Nick Kastanada & Kara Kastanada
30. Physical Graffiti – Chris Jones, Sam Fisher & Tasha Pollendine
31. Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour - Dawnii
32. Powerhouse Tattoo - Paul 'Myth' Naylor
33. Real Art Tattoo - Matt 'Oddboy' Barrett-Jones
34. Rampant Ink - Andrew Yayzus
35. Squidink Tattoo Shop – Mat Bone & Darby Woudall
36. Silverhand – Matt Stevens
37. Saz’s Tattoo Studio – Steve Martin
38. Spear Studio – Leah Moule & Sofie Simpson
39. Sweet Tattoos – Dionne Langton
40. Suck My Ink – Mark B
41. State of Art Tattoo Emporium – Becky Lowe
42. Tattoo Fusion – Rigzi
43. The Comedian Tattoo – Ian the Comedian
44. Tattoos by Skelly – Skelly
45. The Tattoo Project – Seth Campbell
46.Tattoo Chaos - Dave
47 TripleSix Studios - Bez
48.Underground Tattoo Studio - Mick McCormack
49. Voodoo Tattoo 2 - Steve Rieck
50. 21st Century Tattoo - Sween

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Star Boards Update

My Darling wife is busy typing up the Artist List and i am now the proud owner of which should be up n running midweek. I have found a supplier for the boards but cant get em cheaper than £11 pounds each, so.... im gonna offer up some advertising space on the website and on the back of any flyers i do, just kinda banner sized ads going for £50 each, also if anyone would like to donate anything to the purchasing of the boards feel free. Have to raise almost £800, just send money via paypal to also contact me via this email if your interested in advertising, thanks for your help in advance and may the force be with you.....

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Star Boards

These are the Boards your looking for....

A Charity project involving 65 of the UK's top tattoo Artists, 
small concave pieces of ply wood and six (or at least 3) of the
greatest films ever made.

The 'Star Boards' project is born. Gonna get a load of blank skate decks, get a load of like minded Tattoo Artists and get them to paint, model, spray, burn or do whatever they want to their assigned skate decks as long as it is STAR WARS related. The finished decks will then be displayed at Physical Graffiti tattoo studio in Cardiff for 2 weeks before being displayed at next years Liverpool Tattoo Convention and auctioned off for charity. 

The project so far has had an enormous amount of interest with over 60 top artists wanting to get involved, this number may grow as word of the project grows. Neil from Tattoo Revolutio Magazine is on board and will follow the project to its finale at next years Liverpool Tattoo Convention (dates TBC)

will post a list of confirmed Artists lter this week.

Other News....

As well as the Star Boards project I've been real busy at the shop and been getting back in the Convention scene again as well as getting the house ready for the arrival of baby Dexter who's gonna be here sooner than we think......

Worked at the Newport show again this year which was fun did a few nice pieces including this

Also won Best Portrait with this

 A few weeks later was the Liverpool Show, the best show in the UK as far as im concerned. 
Has an awesome weekend and did this on my mate Krav who i haven't tattooed in a while.

Then a week Later was the Somerset Show, fun lil show quite close to home, 
did this on my mate Jonny

won best of show with this one, also picked up Best Small Colour, Best Large Colour and
was honoured to receive the Danny Skuse Memorial Artists Choice Award. Had some new silverware 
for the shop, literally as the awards were all swords ha.

Got loads of cool pieces lined up so keep em peeled.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Back Online

Hey, finally got the internet sorted at home so i can get things a bit more up to date. Been a busy few months, moved house n stuff. still found a lil time to do some painting, did this for my apprentice Tash, you really should check out her stuff. Really enjoyed painting this one, gonna do alot more Starwars stuff in the future i think.

Also did this for a customer, kind of along the lines of his half sleeve he had. Got a few Koi sleeves on going at the moment, cant wait to get em finished and stick some pics up.

Got the chance to do some pretty sweet work recently too, My good friend James wanted a colour portrait of the mask, havent done many colour ones so was grateful for the opportunity. Check out James's photography here, the guys got skills

Also doing a black n grey Rock icon sleeve on Jon, really like the way this one is coming along so far, currently workin on a portrait of Slash on his forearm, heres how the top half looks so far.