Monday, 5 September 2011

New News

Hey guys, Tattoo Revolution Magazine have done a lil Feature on me and my work, am super stoked on this so i thought I'd share it with everyone before its out in print. My Mams gonna be so proud hah. Issue 11 will be out in all Newsagents on the 13th Sept (The day after Star Wars The Complete Saga comes out on Blu Ray ha ha)

Dont forget to pick up a copy of the mag next week guys :)

Also theres some Star Boards News. Have sorted through the recycled boards and ordered the rest that i need, just waiting on them to arrive and all the boards will go out in the post, cant wait to get started on this project its gonna be epic :)

My website is undergoin a bit of a facelift at the moment as will this blog. Laying to rest Chris Fuckin Jones and gonna be good ole normal Chris Jones from now on ha. the new website address is Here
This is mainly because the Star Wars people who do the Celebration Website wont link to my site if it has a swear word in it ha so I've made it all family friendly. Also have a new logo thingy which i will be using everywhere haha. Keep an eye out....