Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Back Online

Hey, finally got the internet sorted at home so i can get things a bit more up to date. Been a busy few months, moved house n stuff. still found a lil time to do some painting, did this for my apprentice Tash, you really should check out her stuff. Really enjoyed painting this one, gonna do alot more Starwars stuff in the future i think.

Also did this for a customer, kind of along the lines of his half sleeve he had. Got a few Koi sleeves on going at the moment, cant wait to get em finished and stick some pics up.

Got the chance to do some pretty sweet work recently too, My good friend James wanted a colour portrait of the mask, havent done many colour ones so was grateful for the opportunity. Check out James's photography here, the guys got skills

Also doing a black n grey Rock icon sleeve on Jon, really like the way this one is coming along so far, currently workin on a portrait of Slash on his forearm, heres how the top half looks so far.