Friday, 12 August 2011

New Stuff and Exciting News

Hey everyone, its been a while ha ha. Recently had an awesome weekend away at this years Tattoo Jam, was a good show and got the chance to do some sweet work

Also picked up a load of used skateboards from the guys at Hoodoo Ink (thanks guys) the boards are being sanded as we speak and will be out to all participating artists over the next few weeks :)

Also had a load of good news this month. Was interviewed by Alex Guest for Tattoo Revolution Magazine, the feature will be in the next issue available on the 13th of September, super stoked about that. Make sure you all get hold of a copy and get everyone there after, really is a top magazine.

Also....... if all goes to plan (fingers crossed) i may be tattooing along side Matt Difa at next years Star Wars celebration in Orlando Florida. I am crazy excited about this already and really hope it happens. heres a recent Star Wars chest piece i did for good measure :)

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