Monday, 3 June 2013

Been a busy few weeks, guest spots, shows, tattoos and gearing up for my show as well

Firstly did a lil guest spot with my mae Fil at Broad Street Studio in Bath, had an awesome few days

Did two cool pieces while I was there.....

and tattooed lil Fil on Big fil and he tattooed me in return ha

Really was a good weekend and was awesome to hang out with Fil and the other guuys at the shop

Also worked the Liverpool Tattoo Convention which was as awesome as ever. Me and Josh "Bodders" Bodwell took part in a Tattoo Duel against each other. Heres our pieces, mines on the right.

I won but we werent really in it for the winning was just cool to be doing Star Wars tattoos with my buddie, we decided we were both losers haha

Also worked the Northrn Ireland Convention in Belfast, again an awesome weekend, got to hang out with friends, tattoo some cool pieces on cool people and won some awards as well.

Picked up Best of Day Sat and Best of Show for Dave and best realism with Jack

The awards were cool as fuck like tesseracts hah ha.
Also did this Star Wars piece recently on a cool tattooist I know. Overall its been an awesome
few weeks and theres even more awesome to come. Keep em peeled.