Saturday, 16 March 2013

Whoops, not posted in fuckin ages ha

Whoa, just realised I havent updated my blog for almost a year, dont even know if people read it anymore. Think I spend to much time on Facebook which I'm gonna do less of. Alot has happened on there recently that has put me off it, seems to be full of School yard Bullies. Fuck That Shit

O.K I'll start with the fact that I so far have made it through to the top 10 in the Best UK Male Category of the UK Tattoo Industry Awards at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention. Feel honoured to have made it this far but really dont think I'm gonna make the top 5 this year, the other 9 are the people I look up to and admire the most. I've kind of made a point of not pushig it on FB to much this year as it is kinda just a popularity contest and I dont wanna be seen as one who just pushes it to get votes.

Also since last year I have picked up a few sponsors which is amazing, I know alot of people are hating on the sponsorship thing at the mo but i feel truly honoured for people to like my work enuff to sponsor me. I am now sponsored by Formula 51 inkHustle Butter and Killer Ink Supplies all of which I used before any sponsorship deal was talked about. Big thanks to those guys, hope to make you proud

We have had alot of work going on at the Shop recently, we took over the flat above and have renovated it all. Physical Graffiti is now over 3 floors, we currently have 2 Artists on each floor and space for a few more, its almost finished, just a few more things to be painted and we will be finished. Will be having a reopening party in the next couple of months so keep your eyes peeled.

Heres what my room looks like at the moment, still a lil bit of work to be done. It is so much more relaxing working in this environment, away from the waiting room and stuff and with so much more room, I love it. More chilled out than I have ever been.

As well as the shop renovations have also been busy with organising a show. Cardiff's first Tattoo and Toy Con, trying to do something a lil different from the norm and do something similar to the kinda shows I work stateside. The show is on the 20th and 21st of july and so far we have a pretty impressive Artist List and we are a proper Welsh Show. for more info go HERE

Talking about Stateside I'm off over there on Tuesday for a week. gonna be tattooing at THIS SHOW next weekend. Seriously cannot wait to get out there and hook up with all my friends

Spose I better put up a few pics of some recent work so here goes.