Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Star Boards

These are the Boards your looking for....

A Charity project involving 65 of the UK's top tattoo Artists, 
small concave pieces of ply wood and six (or at least 3) of the
greatest films ever made.

The 'Star Boards' project is born. Gonna get a load of blank skate decks, get a load of like minded Tattoo Artists and get them to paint, model, spray, burn or do whatever they want to their assigned skate decks as long as it is STAR WARS related. The finished decks will then be displayed at Physical Graffiti tattoo studio in Cardiff for 2 weeks before being displayed at next years Liverpool Tattoo Convention and auctioned off for charity. 

The project so far has had an enormous amount of interest with over 60 top artists wanting to get involved, this number may grow as word of the project grows. Neil from Tattoo Revolutio Magazine is on board and will follow the project to its finale at next years Liverpool Tattoo Convention (dates TBC)

will post a list of confirmed Artists lter this week.

Other News....

As well as the Star Boards project I've been real busy at the shop and been getting back in the Convention scene again as well as getting the house ready for the arrival of baby Dexter who's gonna be here sooner than we think......

Worked at the Newport show again this year which was fun did a few nice pieces including this

Also won Best Portrait with this

 A few weeks later was the Liverpool Show, the best show in the UK as far as im concerned. 
Has an awesome weekend and did this on my mate Krav who i haven't tattooed in a while.

Then a week Later was the Somerset Show, fun lil show quite close to home, 
did this on my mate Jonny

won best of show with this one, also picked up Best Small Colour, Best Large Colour and
was honoured to receive the Danny Skuse Memorial Artists Choice Award. Had some new silverware 
for the shop, literally as the awards were all swords ha.

Got loads of cool pieces lined up so keep em peeled.

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