Monday, 3 June 2013

Been a busy few weeks, guest spots, shows, tattoos and gearing up for my show as well

Firstly did a lil guest spot with my mae Fil at Broad Street Studio in Bath, had an awesome few days

Did two cool pieces while I was there.....

and tattooed lil Fil on Big fil and he tattooed me in return ha

Really was a good weekend and was awesome to hang out with Fil and the other guuys at the shop

Also worked the Liverpool Tattoo Convention which was as awesome as ever. Me and Josh "Bodders" Bodwell took part in a Tattoo Duel against each other. Heres our pieces, mines on the right.

I won but we werent really in it for the winning was just cool to be doing Star Wars tattoos with my buddie, we decided we were both losers haha

Also worked the Northrn Ireland Convention in Belfast, again an awesome weekend, got to hang out with friends, tattoo some cool pieces on cool people and won some awards as well.

Picked up Best of Day Sat and Best of Show for Dave and best realism with Jack

The awards were cool as fuck like tesseracts hah ha.
Also did this Star Wars piece recently on a cool tattooist I know. Overall its been an awesome
few weeks and theres even more awesome to come. Keep em peeled.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Ok. only been a few weeks since i posted last. I\m getting better hah ah. A lot has happened in the past few weeks.  Been to the States a few times. Firstly for the Horror Hound Show in Cincinnati Ohio

Hung out with my buddy Josh and shot some guns......

came home for a few weeks then went back. This time to New York to hang out with my buddie Shannon, he showed me the sights

then we went on to C2E2 in Chicago. what a show

Did a few cool tattoos while I was over there.

Had such an awesome trip both times and cant wait to get back to see the Ink Fusion Crew

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Whoops, not posted in fuckin ages ha

Whoa, just realised I havent updated my blog for almost a year, dont even know if people read it anymore. Think I spend to much time on Facebook which I'm gonna do less of. Alot has happened on there recently that has put me off it, seems to be full of School yard Bullies. Fuck That Shit

O.K I'll start with the fact that I so far have made it through to the top 10 in the Best UK Male Category of the UK Tattoo Industry Awards at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention. Feel honoured to have made it this far but really dont think I'm gonna make the top 5 this year, the other 9 are the people I look up to and admire the most. I've kind of made a point of not pushig it on FB to much this year as it is kinda just a popularity contest and I dont wanna be seen as one who just pushes it to get votes.

Also since last year I have picked up a few sponsors which is amazing, I know alot of people are hating on the sponsorship thing at the mo but i feel truly honoured for people to like my work enuff to sponsor me. I am now sponsored by Formula 51 inkHustle Butter and Killer Ink Supplies all of which I used before any sponsorship deal was talked about. Big thanks to those guys, hope to make you proud

We have had alot of work going on at the Shop recently, we took over the flat above and have renovated it all. Physical Graffiti is now over 3 floors, we currently have 2 Artists on each floor and space for a few more, its almost finished, just a few more things to be painted and we will be finished. Will be having a reopening party in the next couple of months so keep your eyes peeled.

Heres what my room looks like at the moment, still a lil bit of work to be done. It is so much more relaxing working in this environment, away from the waiting room and stuff and with so much more room, I love it. More chilled out than I have ever been.

As well as the shop renovations have also been busy with organising a show. Cardiff's first Tattoo and Toy Con, trying to do something a lil different from the norm and do something similar to the kinda shows I work stateside. The show is on the 20th and 21st of july and so far we have a pretty impressive Artist List and we are a proper Welsh Show. for more info go HERE

Talking about Stateside I'm off over there on Tuesday for a week. gonna be tattooing at THIS SHOW next weekend. Seriously cannot wait to get out there and hook up with all my friends

Spose I better put up a few pics of some recent work so here goes.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Hey guys, I actually made it through the Nominations to get into the top 5 in the Best UK Male category in the UK Tattoo Industry Awards, soooooooo stoked.

The Top 5 are:



Leigh Oldcorn

Mark Bailey

David Corden

Really cant believe it, these are people who inspire me and who's work I look up to, was not expecting to make it through to the top 5. My Mam is so proud ha ha. If you would like to go and vote for me or any of the other nominees in this and any other category please go HERE

Also (if anybody reads this) my "Come Dine With Me" has come around and is being aired on Sunday the 11th March at 5.30 on Channel 4, ha all the stupid things I said and did are coming back to me now and I am dreading it ha ha. But, whats done is done, cant stop it now hahahaha 


North Lakes Tattoo Show 14-15 April
Booked up

Northern Ireland Show 28th 29th April
Spaces available

Liverpool Tattoo Show 4th 5th 6th May
Booked up

Hull Convention 3rd June
Spaces Available

Milton Keynes Tattoo Convention 9th 10th June
booked up

Dare Valley Ink and Iron 7-8 july
Spaces available.

Somerset Convention 12 Aug
Spaces available

Halloween Bash 27th 28th Oct
Spaces Available

Tattoo Camp 23-26 Nov
Spaces available

If anyone fancies anything just email me on


Heres a few of my more recent work as well while I'm here

Did this one at the Northwich Charity show that Paul Naylor put on, it won Best Tattoo Seen At Show 

Did this at The Tattoo Tea Party, what an awesome show that was, looking forward to next year

Did this in the shop the other day, rarely take pics of Black N Grey stuff but really liked the look of this one

Lil bit os Star Wars goodness done at Brighton

Did this in the shop on Fellow Artist Gavin Rose, he sits like a girl

Start of a leg Piece on my mate Steve also done at Brighton


Did my first bit of Digital Painting this month as well. Was asked by Wayne Simmons to do the artwork for the Special Edition Hard Back copy of his awesome book 
"Drop Dead Gorgeous"

Heres what i came up with 

Was well happy with how it came out as was Wayne and the Publishers thankfully ha. Keep your eyes peeled for a Zombie filled Book Launch later this year at Physical Graffiti

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Coming to the end of 2011...........

.... and i am so behind on this blog its unreal ha. Firstly:

The project kicked off properly in September, 70 blank skate decks were sent out to 70 Tattoo Artists Around the UK and a few in the States :) I've seen a few "works in progress" so far and they look awesome, also heard that one of em is gona be like 5-6 feet long when finished hah. Seriously cannot wait to start getting these boards back over the next few months and seeing what people have been up to. Heres my effort so far.......

Its so close to completion, just the sabers and highlights to do really, gonna get on it in Jan, also managed to get it signed by Darth Vader himself Dave Prowse when he was in Cardiff last, cant wait to see what this makes at auction.

I did another Star Wars related deck back in Oct for a charity auction at the Halloween Bash in Newton Abbott, it went for £300 in the end, couldnt believe it :)

Had the chance to do some awesome work in the last few months as well, a few more realism pieces ande portraits n stuff, heres some of my Favourites :)

Did these 2 on my mate Parker from Bristol, its the start of a full leg piece and i am loving it at the mo, i think it has to be my favourite piece I'm working on at the moment.

Did these 2 a few months back, used my fave Suicide Girl Radeo as referance

the one below is part of an ongoing sleeve of DOTD girls, really enjoying this as well.

This is SPAAAARTA!!!!

Did this just last week, part of a big rib piece, tried a different colour scheme and uses someone other than Radeo as ref haha

Ha ha wouldn't be me with out the odd Star Wars tattoo :)

Did the one below at the Halloween Bash 2011 it won Best Small Colour :)

Got to do Hannibal, hopefully the start of a Horror Icon Sleeve, fingers crossed 

2012 is already shaping up to be a busy year...

Already pretty busy with appointments and have some exciting things lined up including a full Batman themed sleeve which i am super stoked about :)

Doin alot more shows this year so heres a list of the conventions I'm gonna be at in 2012 so far:

Conventions 2012

Brighton 28-29 Jan
Pretty much booked for this one.

Northwich Charity Art and Tattoo Expo 19 Feb
Have nothing for this one yet (all proceeds go to Charity so c'mon guys)

Tattoo Tea Party 3-4 March
Spaces available.

North Lakes Tattoo Show 14-15 April
Have one full day free.

Liverpool Tattoo Show
Have a few spaces left (only doin Star Wars related stuff)

Milton Keynes Tattoo Convention
Spaces available.

Dare Valley Ink and Iron 7-8 july
Spaces available.

Somerset Convention 12 Aug
Spaces available

Tattoo Camp 23-26 Nov
Spaces available

These are conformed shows so far, hoping to squeeze in a few more :)

If you fancy getting anything done at any of the shows email me at

Lastly I'd just like to say thanks to all of my customers old and new and that 2011 has been one hell of a year, a few downs but loads of ups. 2012 is already set to be a blinder

Happy new year for the weekend everybody!!!!