Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Hey guys, I actually made it through the Nominations to get into the top 5 in the Best UK Male category in the UK Tattoo Industry Awards, soooooooo stoked.

The Top 5 are:



Leigh Oldcorn

Mark Bailey

David Corden

Really cant believe it, these are people who inspire me and who's work I look up to, was not expecting to make it through to the top 5. My Mam is so proud ha ha. If you would like to go and vote for me or any of the other nominees in this and any other category please go HERE

Also (if anybody reads this) my "Come Dine With Me" has come around and is being aired on Sunday the 11th March at 5.30 on Channel 4, ha all the stupid things I said and did are coming back to me now and I am dreading it ha ha. But, whats done is done, cant stop it now hahahaha 


North Lakes Tattoo Show 14-15 April
Booked up

Northern Ireland Show 28th 29th April
Spaces available

Liverpool Tattoo Show 4th 5th 6th May
Booked up

Hull Convention 3rd June
Spaces Available

Milton Keynes Tattoo Convention 9th 10th June
booked up

Dare Valley Ink and Iron 7-8 july
Spaces available.

Somerset Convention 12 Aug
Spaces available

Halloween Bash 27th 28th Oct
Spaces Available

Tattoo Camp 23-26 Nov
Spaces available

If anyone fancies anything just email me on chris@chrisjonestattoos.com


Heres a few of my more recent work as well while I'm here

Did this one at the Northwich Charity show that Paul Naylor put on, it won Best Tattoo Seen At Show 

Did this at The Tattoo Tea Party, what an awesome show that was, looking forward to next year

Did this in the shop the other day, rarely take pics of Black N Grey stuff but really liked the look of this one

Lil bit os Star Wars goodness done at Brighton

Did this in the shop on Fellow Artist Gavin Rose, he sits like a girl

Start of a leg Piece on my mate Steve also done at Brighton


Did my first bit of Digital Painting this month as well. Was asked by Wayne Simmons to do the artwork for the Special Edition Hard Back copy of his awesome book 
"Drop Dead Gorgeous"

Heres what i came up with 

Was well happy with how it came out as was Wayne and the Publishers thankfully ha. Keep your eyes peeled for a Zombie filled Book Launch later this year at Physical Graffiti

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  1. Just seen you on come dine with me. Well impressed with your work. I have quite a few tattoo's that i got many years ago when tattoo's were pretty crap. Had some covered, but Wish i lived nearer. I'd have deffo been for a visit.
    Keep up the good work and i'll keep me eyes peeled....XXX